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Servicing Fine Leathers in Scottsdale, AZ and the Valley since 1988

Everything Needs Maintenance


We are a 24/7 company… as damage to leather may need immediate attention before stains set … we can give vital information over the phone before a home remedy is applied and causes undue damage to the fine investment of leather furniture and accessories.

Whether you have invested in a leather sofa, leather coat, designer handbag, or an attaché case or other fine leather goods, protect that investment by taking care of the leather by cleaning and conditioning; replace the natural oils that are removed through regular use.

We recommend an annual cleaning especially in high usage areas, family rooms, home theaters, conference rooms, wherever people congregate.

When an accident occurs...mop up spills immediately with a clean soft, dry cloth. Remove as much of the residue as possible.

Do not scrub. This will scar the leather and remove the grain pattern as well as the dye. This applies to all leathers.

Call us immediately.

"We save your hide" ®

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