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Types of Leather

In today’s world, many treatments of leather can be done and it is often difficult to identify what you have unless there is a tag attached.


May be known as a natural, naked or unprotected leather. It is often the softest and most appealing leather because of this property.  It is vat dyed and the color is applied through and through.


Same as above but with some protection applied. It allows you to mop up spills more quickly without Leaving rings or stains…but must be done ASAP.

Pigmented or Corrected

Protected or Corrected or painted leather.  Often has a higher sheen than the others and is not quite as soft and supple but makes up for it by being more user friendly.  It allows you time to wipe up spills but still these need immediate attention so as to not leave discoloration…best for homes with children and pets.


May be known as a chaps leather, has a nap that is discernable by running your palm across and thereby leave shading… somewhat like the nap that is raised on a carpet but much more subtle.


It is the reverse side of leather and has a more noticeable nap.  Develops a sheen on soiled areas and high wear spots especially around the welting or edges of cushions.  You can readily notice soil on cuffs of suede jackets. Must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the nap from wearing and developing a sheen that detracts from your furniture.
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