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Leather Care Tips

  • Buy a Protected or Corrected leather type, best for children or pets.
  • When buying sofas, look for removable cushions without an end "T" shape, so that they can be rotated at least every 6 months for optimum wear.

  • Keep furniture away from uncovered windows…to avoid bleaching and dryness.

  • Regular maintenance is a must, especially in Arizona. Many years of use and enjoyment are extended when cleaned on a regular basis. Remember you change your linen on a regular basis because it comes in contact with your skin, then why neglect the cleaning of your leather that does the same? Leather does last 4 - 5 times as long as fabric when maintained.
  • Your leather goods, apparel, handbags, etc. should be stored in clean cotton bags and covers. If leather furniture is being stored, make certain it s cleaned and thoroughly conditioned to prevent drying out. Cover with cotton sheets, to allow it to breath. Never use plastic. Store in a climate controlled facility.
  • Stay away from leather cleaning kits…as they give you a false sense of protecting the leathers, when in fact, all you are doing is dusting. You may also be using the wrong substance and cause irreversible damage.
  • Note that Aniline goods - knows also as, Unprotected leather, must have more frequent cleaning as there is no barrier to prevent soiling. Aniline is often used in handbags - especially leather straps and not wait until heavily soiled. When Unprotected leather is used in furniture, best to use a throw or afghan to protect areas that come in contact with the neck or hair as oil transfer creates darkened areas. Avoid using sunscreen and then sitting on leather without a cover to keep from transferring oil to the damp bathing suits as well. Dark areas cannot be restored readily.
  • If you encounter ink...Do Not try to clean with water as this can set the stain..
  • Never use nail polish remover, cuticle remover or any type of solvent. The "How To" books have often suggested these types of products and caused infinitely more damage.

  • Never scrub...just remove excessive liquid or residue with a clean dry cloth.
  • Call us before you panic.
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